Advanced Aesthetics

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IPL (Intense Pulse Light)

Permanent hair removal is performed using the sharplight omnimax and generally takes 5-7 treatments spaced 4-12 weeks a[rt to achieve desired results.

  • IPL bikini
  • IPL brazilian
  • IPL men’s brazilian
  • IPL abdomen
  • IPL chest
  • IPL lower legs
  • IPL upper legs
  • IPL full leg
  • IPL full leg + bikini
  • IPL full leg + brazilian
  • IPL under arm
  • IPL full face
  • IPL half face


RF or Radio Frequency body contouring is used to reduce cellulite inches and localized fat deposits. it is known to produce dramatic results after 4-8 treatments .Visible improvement is common after 1 treatment.

  • RF chin
  • RF chin and neck
  • RF half arm
  • RF back
  • RF obliqes
  • RF abdomen
  • RF upper legs
  • RF full legs
  • RF lower legs
  • RF upper legs
  • RF buttocks


FSR or fractional skin resurfacing is a treatment that dramatically improves tone ,reduces wrinkles and pigmentation.this treatment safely peels off the superficial skin layer so some recovery time is expected.

  • FSR full face
  • FSR half face
  • FSR neck
  • FSR chest
  • FSR scars


PF or photo facial is used to reduced wrinkles ,pigmentation and resurface skin. this treatment stimulates collagen growth. A minimum of 3 treatments is recommended in order to reach visible clear results.

  • PF neck
  • PF chest
  • PF hands
  • PF individual sunspots


MD or microdermabrasion is a gentle yet effective exfoliation technique that reveals smooth ,soft glowing skin.

  • MD face
  • MD chest
  • MD back


Arasys is a high intensity inch loss tretment that provides the intensity of over 330 sit-ups in 17 minutes using Faradic Wave Stimulation.this treatment is commonly used to reduce hips,thighs buttocks and stomach.

  • Single
  • Package of 8
  • Package of 8
  • Facial tightening

Liporase Tripolar

Liporase Tripolar is a technology used for targeted fat redution,skin tightening and cellulite reduction.

  • Single
  • Package of 10


Dermarolling creates hundreds of tiny channels in the skin to gently exfoliate skin cells;target scarring,sun damage,premature aging,acne,broken capillaries,wrinkles,strech marks and cellulite.

  • Single
  • Package of 6
  • Package of 10

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